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What is an Essay

An essay is a targeted piece of writing that is formal and concentrates on a single topic or study area. Additionally, an essay takes a position and presents evidence to support your position or try to validate an argument, interpretation, or analysis. Essay writing is common in schools, and before a student completes their high school or college education, they must have written several academic essays. Coming up with a quality essay, let alone a topic, is challenging for students. Most students wait for the last minute fever or pressure to write their essays. Understanding the popular types of essays can make the writing process less daunting.

Types of Essays

1.    Narrative Essay

This essay is more like writing a story. The professors test your abilities to present a story. Although this essay seems easy, it is not; you have to come up with an interesting topic and write the story in a way that captures the interest of the reader. Hence, it should make the audience part of the story and motivate them to read it to the end. Additionally, include as many details as possible, do not leave parts of the story vague.

2.    Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay is closely related to the narrative essay. However, with a descriptive essay, you are required to give a detailed analysis of something or a process. The Descriptive essay requires the writer to paint to the audience in colorful words what they know about the topic. For instance, when describing a car, you will write about the brand, performance, color, cost, and popularity. Extensive knowledge of the topic plays a role in the quality of a descriptive essay a writer presents.

3.    Expository Essay

An expository essay depends on evidence, facts, figures, and examples. It consists of a balanced analysis of the topic for informative academic purposes. Similarly, these essays require extensive research, the reason why students find it hard to write hence seeking help from essay writing experts like ONLINE ACADEMICIAN.

4.    Persuasive Essay

Just like the name suggests, this essay tries to uses evidence, statistics, and examples to convince the readers to accept your argument. Similarly, your pieces of evidence need to be consistent with your argument. Additionally, your case should be logical and solidified it using examples and figures. Extensive research is crucial for this essay. As a writer, you need a quality essay to convince readers to support your position.

5.    Argumentative Essay

When it comes to this type of essay, the writer is required to present two sides of a controversial topic. The writer should argue both sides without discrimination and also write the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. The information should be factual, accurate, and up to date.

The quality of an essay is not all about the statistics, examples, and pieces of evidence. A writer needs to consider topic selection, analysis, organization, and presentation of the information.

Outline for Quality Essay Writing

Although there are many ways that students can use to present their essays, there is an outline that applies to all types of essay writing. Let us look at this outline and improve your essay writing skills.

1.    Introduction

The introduction is the paragraph at the beginning of your essay. It is in this paragraph that you introduce your topic to the readers. The introduction determines the interest of the reader in the essay. Therefore, be creative with how you write it. You can also present a synopsis of the essay to provide the reader with an overview of the essay. Additionally, to hook the reader, you can start the introduction with a quote or a question. The length of your introduction depends on the length of your essay, but 4 to 6 sentences are great.

2.    Body

The body is the backbone of your essay and determines its quality and the grade it will attract. The most important contents of the essay are found in the body because it provides answers to the essay question. There is no limit on the number of paragraphs to include in the body. It all depends on the length of the essay. In the body, the outline of a paragraph is essential to ensure the writer communicate logically and consistently. Furthermore, PURDUE presents an extensive analysis of how to write a quality paragraph. There is a lot of information to write in the body, and paragraphs need to be coherent to avoid confusing the readers. Additionally, present different ideas in each paragraph in the body.

3.    Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay, and it is usually just a paragraph. The conclusion sums up the content of the essay and the arguments. In this paragraph, you can include a moral lesson or just a general sum up. At no time should the conclusion consist of new information about the essay.

Additional Tips for Quality Essay Writing

  • Select an interesting topic.
  • Use simple and easy to understand language.
  • Avoid grammatical errors.
  • Use short paragraphs

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