Excellent Academic Writing

Excellent Academic Writing


Academic writing has become a hustle for most graduates as the income allows them to meet their necessities. Although the number of writers in the industry is large, few meet the requirements. As the harsh economic situation pushes more people into this industry, it is necessary to know what makes a great writer. This post will help develop your writing skills to excellent writing.

Read the Instructions

Each order has specific instructions that a client submits with the order. The quality of an order depends on how a writer understands these instructions. Take your time to read through the instructions and seek clarifications where necessary. Do not make assumptions where instructions seem vague. To ensure excellent academic writing, you need to notice when instructions are not adding up. The areas that makeup instructions include: the topic, number of pages, writing format, due date, and number of references. Apart from these instructions, look out for the questions within the order. The nature of questions varies among orders.


The topic is the backbone of the assignment, hence it determines the content that the writer will develop. Excellent writers settle for topics in which they can deliver excellent grades. Always take orders that you are familiar with and can work on comfortably. For example, do not take an accounting or finance order when you are not good at numbers.

Writing Formats for Excellent Academic Writing

Harvard, American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago, and Modern Language Association (MLA) are the popular writing formats used in academic writing. Some writers are conversant with all four academic writing formats, while some can only handle orders that require APA formatting. APA is the most popular of the four. Working on an order whose format you understand increases the quality of the paper because the formatting will be accurate. When formatting an assignment consider the general outline requirements and those of the in-text citations and references.

Main Questions

The answers to these questions will make up the content of the assignment. Therefore, to understand the requirement of a question, a writer needs to read it well. Misunderstanding a question will lead to a low-quality grade. A writer’s ability to understand the questions determines the quality of work they submit to clients.

Sources in Academic Writing

A quality paper depends on the nature of resources, sources of information. There is a large volume of data found online, however, this does not mean that all information is accurate. For instance, Journals, books, and articles are the most credible, and writers are encouraged to use them extensively when conducting research. The publication date of these resources is also a factor to consider. Additionally, it is advisable to use resources that have been published within the last five years. This limitation on the publication dates ensures the information is up to date.


Language and grammar are crucial in writing an argument in a paper. In academic writing, it is advisable to use declarative statements. Use active voice in your assignments and avoid using passive voice and first-person pronouns too often. Additionally, avoid punctuation errors, spelling, and grammatical errors as these affect the effectiveness of your paper and the arguments you present. Alo, for excellent academic writring, you have to write using language that will appeal to an international audience. Grammarly is a writing assistant that helps make grammatical corrections to a document.


Plagiarism is an offense in academics. It occurs when a writer presents the work of another person as their own. Meanwhile, to avoid plagiarism, an excellent writer needs to know how to paraphrase and effectively cite his work whenever they use another author’s work.


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